Handling Hazardous Substances

Handling Hazardous Substances
Handling Hazardous Substances

Hazardous waste is defined as having one of the risk characteristics, such as explosiveness, flammability, mutagenicity, environmental toxicity, etc. For the full definition click here >>


At Tel Aviv University, orderly collection of hazardous waste is carried out in accordance with the Business Licensing Regulations (Disposal of Hazardous Materials Waste). For the full regulations click here >>

Hazardous substances:
  • Chemicals - Collected in the faculties, and sent once every three weeks to the Ramat Hovav hazardous waste disposal facility.
  • Biological materials - Biological materials are collected daily (sometimes more than once a day) from teaching/research laboratories and sterilized in designated autoclaves. All biological materials after sterilization are collected by Tabib Ltd.
  • Radioactive materials - Collected centrally to barrels located in a designated, authorized room in the building’s basement. Barrels are checked to locate leaks and are collected and removed for burial by "Rotem Industries". 
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