Who Are We?

Who Are We?
Green Campus, Tel Aviv University

Establishing the Green Council

As early as 2000, the President established the University’s "green council," whose members come from various sectors on campus.  


Certification as a "Green Campus" 

In 2011, Tel Aviv University was certified as a "green campus" by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.  As part of the "Green Campus," the University promotes projects in the fields of education, conserving resources and the promoting community environmental projects.  In recent years, Tel Aviv University has been ranked among the leading universities in the world as a green campus according to the global Green Metric World University Ranking issued by the University of Indonesia.


In 2016, Tel Aviv University’s certification as a "green campus" was renewed by Minister of Education, Mr. Naftali Bennett and Minister of Environmental Protection, Mr. Avi Gabbai.


The Green Campus is an initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in institutions of higher education that defines criteria for certifying academic institutions – universities and colleges – as green campuses. These criteria were set by the program's steering committee, which included representatives from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, various academic institutions and the Council for Higher Education.


Green Campus Certification


Criteria required for certification as a "green campus"

  • At the academic level - implementation and inclusion of courses on environmental issues in various academic faculties.
  • At the operational level – application of existing principles at the level of infrastructure, operations and daily functioning of the institution by carrying out processes to reduce consumption, promote energy efficiency, save and restore resources, use renewable energy, reduce waste disposal, reduce hazards and emissions, to “buy green” and apply green building principles on campus.
  • At the community environmental level – initiating educational-environmental projects, in collaboration with various communities that are in contact with the institution (education system, local and global academic community, local government, schools and the general public).
  • Establishing a green council – that will include representatives of economic leaders, academic, administrative and students' representatives that will supervise implementation of sustainable projects on Campus.
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